How Helpful are LSAT Handbooks?

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All students who take the LSAT usually prepare by purchasing several test-prep books. I have found though, that not all prep materials are created equal.

I assumed that the books administered by the LSAC would be the most beneficial when studying, considering that this is the organization that actually creates the test. Although everyone’s experience is different, I found that The Official LSAT Handbook, created by the LSAC, to be helpful yet tedious. When the handbook is nearly as superfluous and at times confusing as the test, is it worth the read?

The Princeton Review’s LSAT study aid: Cracking the LSAT proved to be the most worthwhile for me. I found that this particular edition (2012) more carefully explained the rules of arduous logic and analytical games and time-consuming reading comprehension questions.

The book also offers techniques and clever tricks to understand the ways in which the LSAT is constructed. The LSAC purposefully makes the test impossible to earn a perfect score given the allotted time; thus, one of the most useful methods is beating the time by looking for key words, the lack of certain phrases, or being able to make inferences given little information.

It is my understanding that Princeton review study guides are guaranteed to raise the scores of anyone taking tests such as the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc.; I would recommend Cracking the LSAT for those anticipating taking this difficult test.

Other helpful LSAT materials include:

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2 responses to “How Helpful are LSAT Handbooks?”

  1. Gerald R. Lucas (@drgrlucas) says :

    I took the GRE. Three times. Books like this help only if you work with them everyday. Part of successfully taking these tests is just learning how to take the test. I’m glad that’s over…

  2. allmondjoy says :

    I was going to say the same thing, most of the time it’s not the information on the test that’s unattainable, it’s the tricky and confusing way the test is written. I am indebted to The Princeton Review for my good SAT score!

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