Hath not a lawyer eyes?

Musings of a reluctant Welsh twenty-something.

“A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies, and then keeps it for himself”. – Henry Peter Brougham

Telling people you’re in the process of becoming a lawyer is a bit like telling people that you are a serial killer with a few hundred victims under your belt. They are impressed by your ability and dedication, but still think you’re an arsehole at the end of the day. in both cases, you certainly dread the “what do you do?” part of any conversation at parties. Judging by some of the reactions I have had over the years, it would probably have been more socially acceptable to replace “I’m studying law” with “I murder people with a claw hammer and then use their skin to make fetching blazers like the one I’m wearing tonight”. For those of you upset by that last hypothetical statement, don’t worry…

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