All I Want for Christmas is a Legal Education

After taking the December LSAT, the hardest part (I’m sure every test-taker will agree) is the seeming perpetual waiting for scores.

This year, the LSAC is not expected to release the December scores until January 4th. How does one wait a little over a month to know whether or not the scores are great- or good enough to get into prospective law schools?

I have seen on multiple LSAT memes that it is essential to “take a shot” every few minutes; however, regardless of how tempting this may sound, no one can do this all month. After burning the LSAT books, though, there may be ways to help get through the remainder of December.

I’ve tried to think of a list of things to do to take my mind off of my score; hopefully these work for all anxious LSAT-takers.

Finish the semester strong

  • GPA is a major part of acceptance to law school, so finish strong despite being mentally drained
  • Succeeding (or surviving) in the sea of papers, projects, and presentations will give a boost of confidence

Enjoy the break!

  • Most colleges have a few weeks off, a “Winter break” for students
  • It’s important to decompress and recharge for the next semester, as well as take a break after piling your brain with LSAT stress
  • Make the most of time with friends and family; this helps to relieve stress and add to overall well-being
  • Eat a little too much; it’s easy to get malnourished when studying all the time

Stay busy when necessary

  • Spend more time getting in shape (after eating too much)
  • Go Christmas shopping with friends for fun (or whatever your form of therapy is)
  • I’ll be busy planning my wedding that is scheduled 3 months from now- but I do not advise this for anyone hoping to remain sane

If you haven’t finished applying…

Luckily, the holidays offer a lot to do in order to keep busy. Focus on family, friends, food, and some fun, and every LSAT taker expecting scores should get through the month successfully. Enjoy life while you can… January, and all that it brings, is just around the corner.


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