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Final Project designed with Illustrator, Photoshp, and InDesign CS6



Well….Now I wait like everyone else for the scores to be released on January 4th. How do I feel? My feelings are mixed. I feel as if I did ok….but on the other hand, one of the sections through me off because I had RC back to back. That is one possibility that I did not practice with when studying. In any case, my applications are in early and being held pending my score. I am hoping that this will be a leg-up on the competition! I read many experts that said it’s ok in the cycle to submit in January, but I wanted to be safe. The weight off of my shoulders is HUGE. My next step is to visit some of the schools applied to in the Northeast. I am hoping that the school visits are not only productive, but also help seal the deal. Good luck to everyone…

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Hath not a lawyer eyes?

Musings of a reluctant Welsh twenty-something.

“A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies, and then keeps it for himself”. – Henry Peter Brougham

Telling people you’re in the process of becoming a lawyer is a bit like telling people that you are a serial killer with a few hundred victims under your belt. They are impressed by your ability and dedication, but still think you’re an arsehole at the end of the day. in both cases, you certainly dread the “what do you do?” part of any conversation at parties. Judging by some of the reactions I have had over the years, it would probably have been more socially acceptable to replace “I’m studying law” with “I murder people with a claw hammer and then use their skin to make fetching blazers like the one I’m wearing tonight”. For those of you upset by that last hypothetical statement, don’t worry…

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Last Minute LSAT Advice

C|M|LAW Admissions

Last minute LSAT Advice

For those of you taking the LSAT this Saturday, I wanted to offer you best wishes as well as some last minute advice.

Cramming Does Not Work — there’s not much more that studying and/or practice can do at this point.  Instead, get your mind and body in shape. 

Get Plenty of Sleep —to help you fall asleep, try taking a relaxing bath, or turn on the radio to a classical music or oldies station. 

Eat Well — This is not the time to experiment with foods and risk upsetting your stomach.   Make sure to eat breakfast Saturday morning, and bring a snack for the break.  Don’t forget to drink enough water — this is a physical endurance event almost as much as a mental one and your body needs fluids.

Make sure you know exactly how to get to your testing center on Saturday and…

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Nothing Scarier in October than the LSAT…

I’m  a Pre-law student at MSC and looking to start law school in the fall.

Earlier this month, I took the LSAT and am waiting for the results to come in by Halloween. Unfortunately, I have no idea to tell how well I did considering that the test was so difficult. With a writing portion, analytical and logical games, and reading comprehension, all to do with so little time, the test is extremely difficult. I heard so many rumors that it is better to work slowly and leave answers blank; however, I moved more quickly through the test and answered all the questions, with just a few seconds to spare at the end of the period.

As a pre-law student, it is difficult to carry so many classes while preparing for the LSAT and law school, but I am trying my hardest to get there. I have been advised that each LSAT taker should begin studying 15 hours a week up to 7 months before the test; I began working about a month before, unfortunately. All I can do is hope for the best!